A new point for view-Architecture


Read more… 1.2K Cliffside Restaurant Offers Dining Experience with Breathtaking Views of the Valley Below A breathtaking view is the perfect complement to a cocktail, and the studio Tall Arquitectos has designed an entire restaurant around this idea. They’ve proposed … Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2014


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“Christmas Love”
The sincere warmth in the Love of Christmas
A striking thought and emotion occurred to me one day, I do not remember when or where. I don’t even remember what I was doing at that particular time. It was however just this December, Twenty-Fourteen. It may have been while listening to “Silent Night” “Away In A Manger” or some other similar Christmas song. The thought of a stable with people and animals passing in the cold night, and the ever present warmth of Love. Continue reading

Salute to veterans! 2014



One nation under God - Salute to veterans 2014

Salute to veterans 2014 – In God We Trust

This may offend most people, but war is an offense to all. This is not for children, but then again, we are all God’s children. There is no reason or sense to war, yet there is no peace without war. Oh, The price paid for our freedom, to be where we are now. Maybe it was a video that started all these war’s, but then what does it matter?

Or so they say…

What do you say?
And then there is The Truth,
 The Pain,
  The Sacrifice,
   The Memories,
    The Nightmares,
     The Tears,
      The shameful lies,
       To lay down your life for your fellow-man,
        To love even your enemy,
         To have compassion,
          To have God on your side!

May our country stay strong despite the lies, lack of leadership, the use of racism as a political tool to undermine the years of progress, and the use of racism to divide our country and others. The use of narcissistic agendas and politics that are deliberate stumbling blocks for progress. The corporate greed, and power of corruption.

It is not politically correct to seek the truth of matters. It is an obligation to our integrity as individuals and as a nation.

May these seed’s of power and greed die as quickly as they were planted. The American people are greater than this. We are our brothers keeper, and stewards of this world we share and live in. Peace, like Love; takes hard work over a life time. For all people of all nation’s. It can and must overpower hate, anger, and greed of every kind.

Take a stand for the absolute truth. Nothing more and nothing less.

In memory of those that are no longer with us.

My thanks to all of you for taking the stand. God bless you and this country.


May “Old Glory” fly mighty and high-Always!

“Images of then and now”

"OLD GLORY" and Still Is!

“In God We Trust”

Christmas Lights-Denver 03


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Things are warming up the last few days and it is really nice to feel the warmth of the sun. Christmas time is drawing near and I hope all of you are enjoying your time leading up to Christmas. I do also hope you can keep a smile and have a great deal of patience while showing lots of Love. Especially while driving and shopping. Continue reading

Christmas Lights-Denver 02


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Christmas lights in Denver, Colorado 2013

These photographs are from the local Centennial area. I do hope all of you are enjoying your time as we approach Christmas. I Have included a few extra YouTube videos incase anyone cares to extend the lightshow beyond the photographs below. Continue reading

Christmas Lights-Denver 01


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Enjoy the Christmas Lights and maybe take the friends and family out for an excursion to see what you can find.
We do have snow in here in Denver, at the moment. That has made very nice for getting out to take some pictures. A little cold at 4 degrees above Zzzzero! Not to mention the camera and myself get a little slow after the first 20 minutes or so. Continue reading

Denver Botanic Gardens – September 2013


Denver Botanic gardens can be a very relaxing, yet stimulating treat to the senses. There is color, design, texture, sound and the fragrances of the surrounding gardens. Some are even of historic greatness. The Denver Botanic Gardens are a treat and highly recommended if you have never been there. Photos and Links Continue reading

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado


Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Once again the season is hear for for friend’s, family and fun. Not to mention food & celebration.

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Nave ceiling

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Nave/Narthex ceiling transition

Canto Deo-Denver Colorad

Narthex ceiling

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

The choir coming in procession after singing from behind-great acoustics and a pipe organ

Love & Joy to all


Bear Trap Ranch – Colorado 2013


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Summer has past and fall is just about finished in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Bear Trap Ranch is a nice place to spend the weekend and enjoy nature. It is only 40 minutes west of Colorado Springs Continue reading