COTA Raceway-V8 Race Cars

Here are some interesting shots of a fast and crazy race event at the new world-class sports and entertainment complex known as COTA Raceway (Circuit of the Americas) in Austin, Texas. This was a three-day event May 17th thru 19th. An international race at a superior new race track that is state-of-the art. The design of the track is superb and the buildings add to a colorful and exciting experience. Needles to say the design and performance of the cars is quite a feast for the senses. They had two main events. There was the Australian V8 Supercar race, a first in the U.S. and the most popular motor sport in Australia. The other event was the V8 Supercars Austin 400. You know what? They still use V8 engines these days. Yaah!

Here are a few stats on the event:

  • Three days and 68,891 fans
  • About nine percent of these were from Australia & purchased advance tickets
  • People from 30 states purchased tickets
  • The conditions were Texas Style at a nice sunny mid-90’s temperature, with the humidity in the 40 percent range. Which is good, if you know what I mean. Being from Colorado this is personally my limit for enjoyability.
  • 2.4 mile short track

Photo credits go to my brother. He actually went to the races and gave me the photos. Thanks Bro!

Now for a little extra, if you are interested in more photos or details in regard to the races or COTA.


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