Daniels Park Colorado – July 06, 2013

“Daniels Park Colorado – Highlands Ranch – July 06, 2013″

Daniels Park Colorado in Highlands Ranch, is a nice place to visit and just take in the view. In this particular case, I just took photo’s of the west side. It was mid-day and some clouds hanging around. That made for some nice contrast and deeper colors than on a bright over exposed day.

Daniels Park is in the southern most part of Denver and sits high above most other places, the photo’s in this post just capture the view from the west side of the park looking at the nearby foothills to the west and south. You can see Pikes Peak in several of these shots. It is the pointed peak in the background sticking out above the horizon line of the Rocky Mountain Range.


Additional places of interest to the west & south:

As you look to the west, you are also looking towards the town of Sedalia and Roxborough State Park which are also two very nice places visit when you get the chance. To the far south you have the well-known Pikes Peak in “Pike National Forest” just outside of Colorado Springs. A nice drive is to take Highway 85 & 105 from C470 in Denver to Palmer Lake & Monument. At Monument you have to get back on to I-25 and continue the journey south to the Colorado Springs area where your options expand even more.

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