Colorado Zoo – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

“Colorado Zoo – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Colorado Springs”


Colorado Springs

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The updated & upgraded Zoo

Just the other weekend I went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I had not been there for over ten years and was quite surprised at what appeared to be a new zoo. Thank goodness it still has the same character and a view that is like no other Zoo that I have been to. The character is still family friendly, however be prepared to get some exercise. There is a lot of uphill walking in this Zoo, but you can take a lift to the top-level and walk down. There is still another option, and that is to request to drive to a parking lot, and walk down. Actually, I just thought of a third option. That option is to take a cart ride up or down, pending on where you are at in the tour. This option does have a small cost attached to it, in case you are wondering . If your health permits it, the walk is well worth it. By the time you are finished your children will be ready for a good nap, or at least they should be. I know I was! Also, get a map so that you do not miss anything. And don’t forget the trip to the Will Rogers Shrine. Ask about it while you are purchasing your ticket.

About the character of the Zoo

Don’t get worried if you have been there before, years ago. It still has the warm, casual, family friendly character it has always had. It is just better now. Matter of fact, you can take your lunch with you and enjoy it at one of the shaded picnic eating areas. Don’t forget to take your water bottles, a hat, sunglasses, sun screen and your most comfortable pair of walking shoes.


Rest Stop

You might find a umbrella helpful in  two different ways. Number one; it provides good shade no matter where you are and Number two; well if it rains, you will be prepared. Remember, the Rocky Mountain weather is “What you see is what you get” and it changes without notice. A note on the side, they do have water coolers on the grounds in various locations. The water taste good and is quite cool straight from the fountain (it was the day I went there).


Colorado Springs-Cheyene Mountain Zoo


There are rides for the children and petting area’s. The bird-cage is a lot of fun and it gives the kid’s a chance to feed the bird’s. You go inside a large bird house of the sort and mingle with the bird’s, and other children. There are also enclosed educational exhibit’s, a museum, and at some exhibits there are zoo helpers that give presentation’s periodically. At the entrance you can play tourist and get gifts  from the gift shop to take home with you.


Colorado Springs-Cheyene Mountain Zoo

While I was taking this shot, it started raining. Don’t be concerned, remember this is mountain weather and it will change again within the hour or less than that in this case. This view is by an outdoor lounge/adult watering hole. It is even better if you are seated out on the deck. This is a good place to catch a breeze and rest your feet. The view, it is great no matter where you are in the Zoo. If you roam through the slide show you will get the general idea of what I am talking about. Words and pictures do not do justice to the actual experience. A nice breeze and you get the fresh scent of pine trees and today the added treat of “rain.” Animal oder is there, I kid you not. However it is mostly fresh enjoyable mountain air that you get while visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The view above is close to the Carousel ride and the family cafeteria. If you brought your lunch, there is an outdoor shaded picnic area (of course with its own view). The panorama goes all the way from just below Monument to the north, then sweeps across Colorado Springs to the south side of town near Fort Carson. To the east is the wide open High Plains. Now I ask you; How can you beat that? A zoo with a view. Nice…


I highly recommend this as a part of your Colorado Bucket list. It doesn’t matter if you are from Colorado or just visiting from another state or country.


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“The fun of it all!”