Colorado Photos – Fort Collins

“Colorado Photos of Fort Collins”

Street Scenes Along the Way

Colorado Photos of Fort Collins, it is a town full of character, as you can see in the photos. About a 80 minute drive from Denver and 80 miles an hour. Wee… Excitement on the High Plains this week ( that is not a Colorado cannabis high). The town is actually pretty well spread out over the area. Due to the lack of details, I will just say that it has many different attractions that are a part of the city. Other words it is not an amusement park laden city. What it does have is a character based on history, agriculture, technology, the art’s and education (Colorado State University). It is a nice place that is constantly changing. So is the whole front range.

East of the area you see the High Plains and if you look very hard and close, you can see Dorothy’s house in the distance. To the north is Wyoming, wide open country and fresh air. To the west are the Rocky Mountains and Estes Park. And of course to the south you have the great city of Denver, Colorado.

The photo’s here are only a small representation of what you will find in Fort Collins. However, take a look and enjoy the trip through downtown.

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