2013 Kickoff Game Clouds-Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

2013 Kickoff Game Clouds

Sports Fan Clouds From A Distance

They won!

Now how about that. It was a good game. Denver Bronco fans should be quite happy about that. Attached are a few photo’s of the game clouds from the south end of town. South suburban Denver that is. Absolutely no rain again here in Littleton/West Centennial. Just hot and humid. A little taste of rain would be really nice. Sorry there is no audio on this. The potato wagon was really rolling heavy before the game. Up in high country that can be not such a good thing. Very wise to sit it out and wait for a less active lightning and thunder filled sky. Go Denver Broncos!

Enjoy the rest of the season football fans!

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Denver Broncos: The game area is the cloud burst off to the right

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