Photographs and Coffee

Photographs and Coffee

“Solid Grounds of Littleton Colorado”

Coffee and Photographs:

At Solid Grounds Coffee House

This Sunday morning was the perfect time to enjoy friendship and a cup of coffee in the early morning sunshine. Warm and cozy before the fall changes get cold and winter like. Nice to see flowers in bloom and savor the flavor of good fresh dark roast coffee with the standard one-third creme for a nice smooth aromatic flavor. Just a preference of mine. Never sugar! Well, maybe with Greek Coffee. Have you ever made greek coffee at home? It is a nice, simple process when you have the time. A lot better than cleaning the espresso maker, and the warmup time is not near as long. Hear in Denver the altitude can really play havoc on the casual espresso maker. A good solid creamy espresso shot or latte is rare. The pop-box shop’s in general just pump out the standard stronger than usual coffee flavored mix. Everyone has an opinion. And you have plenty of choices to select from. Fast food places even serve a pretty good cup of coffee these days. Just don’t ask for health insurance to go. They charge a great deal extra for that. You know what I mean? The price of coffee most likely will go up within the next few months. Just a guess. Even more reason to brew at home.

Morning Coffee

Nice way to say “Good Morning”

However, like this lat sunday morning, you can not get better when the conditions are perfect. Besides early in the morning is not a good time to ask people over to your house for coffee. Then again who knows-who will show up and probably in P.J.’s. Laugh’s may be short pending how early you get up. Hear is where a camera comes into the picture. No pun intended. At home or at the coffee shop, it is nice to be able to take a few early morning shot’s (or anytime of day or night) to share on your blog site. “Photo Blogging” I believe it is called. The light is good and you are hopefully not in a big hurry. These times are revered after a week of cyber and social chaos. The work week, if only to be forgotten for a few blissful moments. Although there is a negative connotation here, the work week I believe should be every bit as blissful. Thankful fo another day is the bottom line and one day-at-a time. I truly hope you enjoy your coffee time and have a great day!

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