Christmas Lights-Denver 01

Enjoy the Christmas Lights and maybe take the friends and family out for an excursion to see what you can find. 

We do have snow in here in Denver, at the moment. That has made it very nice for getting out to take some pictures. A little cold at 4 degrees above Zzzzero! Not to mention the camera and myself get a little slow after the first 20 minutes or so. You don’t have to be in Colorado or get the cold blast to start the joy of the season. I hope you can make it out to see the lights in your area and maybe take in a Christmas event or two. That reminds me. The Nutcracker Ballet is always a good event or maybe a free concert or choir, and some holiday music.

Here is a sample of what I found in the neighborhood this evening:

Some folks really go all out for the season. Flashy lights, music and motion.

You may like to try this short video Link



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