Denver Botanic Gardens – September 2013

Denver Botanic gardens can be a very relaxing, yet stimulating treat to the senses. There is color, design, texture, sound and the fragrances of the surrounding gardens. Some are even of historic greatness. The Denver Botanic Gardens are a treat and highly recommended if you have never been there. Time wise you can spend a few hours walking around or attend one of the many events that they might have available. If you enjoy photography at any level, there opportunities are unlimited and you can spend the whole day. Remember extra batteries for the digital camera or you might miss the perfect shot.

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Of course the other option is just to visit one of the many parks that are in the Denver area. They are all good and you can take bike trails or the city streets for a scenic adventure. The local parks and gardens can be better than the mountains when time is a factor and you don’t want to endure the weekend traffic on I-70 or other local roads. Enjoy the sunshine in whatever activity you decide to do and have a good day!


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