Colorado Photography – Cave of the Winds


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“Colorado Photography Cave of the Winds” Getting There: Cave of the Winds is in the Colorado Springs area and west just a couple of miles outside of Manitou Springs. My guess is about 12 miles from Colorado Springs. This is … Continue reading

Mountain Peaks-The Summit-Why


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“Mountain Peaks – The Summit – Why”
There are so many reasons why?
To most it makes no sense. Or at least no common sense.
And the summit?
You will have to make the journey yourself. Continue reading

Colorado Zoo – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


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Colorado Zoo – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Colorado Springs, It still has the warm, casual, family friendly character it has always had. It is just better now. Matter of fact, you can take your lunch with you and enjoy it at one of the shaded picnic eating areas. Don’t forget to take your water bottles, a hat, sunglasses, sun screen and your most comfortable pair of walking shoes. The panorama goes all the way from just below Monument to the north, then sweeps across Colorado Springs to the south side of town near Fort Carson. To the east is the wide open high plains. Now I ask you; How can you beat that? A zoo with a view. Nice… I highly recommend this as a part of your Colorado Bucket list. It doesn’t matter if you are from Colorado or just visiting from another state or country. Continue reading

SUNSET in Denver Colorado – July 5, 2013


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“SUNSET in Denver Colorado – July 5, 2013”
Another nice sunset in Denver this friday evening. It was nice to sit around and unwind after the 4th of July.

SUNSET last Friday in Denver

“SUNSET last Friday in Denver”

This SUNSET changed colors with each shot I took. We were hoping for rain from those clouds.

It never showed up till just the last couple of days. Now we are getting rain once a day in the evenings and the night temperature is great for sleeping. Those of you visiting Denver this week have had some very nice weather. If this continues, the 4th of July will be just perfect. Fireworks will be permitted due to the rain. It would have been a real disappointment to have the 4th of July and no fireworks.

SUNSET FOR YOU…The fun of it all!