Open Travel Ways in Europe-Venice Italy


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Open Travel Ways in Europe-Venice Italy: There are many of these in Venice and they are all intriguing to explore to see where they will lead you. The scale, the color, the spaces, the people and most of all the light. The light in Venice is comparable to the light you find in the desert. It changes constantly and so the mood of the moment takes on a new value that is exciting, and romancing in so many way’s. Countless to be exact. Continue reading

Albania-Korce-Small Church – May 2013


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This is a small church just outside of the city of Koce in Albania. It is a Greek Orthodox church at a village cemetery. It has just been rebuilt after suffering a gret deal of damage during the communist era. … Continue reading

Albania-Coastline May 2013


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The coastline of the Adriatic Sea is very colorful, full of ever-changing hues of blue. Though it is a sea, it tends to have a very choppy wave that can get quite rough. The Albanian coastline can go from open … Continue reading