Christmas Lights-Denver 03


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Things are warming up the last few days and it is really nice to feel the warmth of the sun. Christmas time is drawing near and I hope all of you are enjoying your time leading up to Christmas. I do also hope you can keep a smile and have a great deal of patience while showing lots of Love. Especially while driving and shopping. Continue reading

Christmas Lights-Denver 02


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Christmas lights in Denver, Colorado 2013

These photographs are from the local Centennial area. I do hope all of you are enjoying your time as we approach Christmas. I Have included a few extra YouTube videos incase anyone cares to extend the lightshow beyond the photographs below. Continue reading

Christmas Lights-Denver 01


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Enjoy the Christmas Lights and maybe take the friends and family out for an excursion to see what you can find.
We do have snow in here in Denver, at the moment. That has made very nice for getting out to take some pictures. A little cold at 4 degrees above Zzzzero! Not to mention the camera and myself get a little slow after the first 20 minutes or so. Continue reading

Denver Botanic Gardens – September 2013


Denver Botanic gardens can be a very relaxing, yet stimulating treat to the senses. There is color, design, texture, sound and the fragrances of the surrounding gardens. Some are even of historic greatness. The Denver Botanic Gardens are a treat and highly recommended if you have never been there. Photos and Links Continue reading

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado


Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Once again the season is hear for for friend’s, family and fun. Not to mention food & celebration.

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Nave ceiling

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

Nave/Narthex ceiling transition

Canto Deo-Denver Colorad

Narthex ceiling

Canto Deo-Denver Colorado

The choir coming in procession after singing from behind-great acoustics and a pipe organ

Love & Joy to all


SUNSET last Friday in Denver

“SUNSET last Friday in Denver”

This SUNSET changed colors with each shot I took. We were hoping for rain from those clouds.

It never showed up till just the last couple of days. Now we are getting rain once a day in the evenings and the night temperature is great for sleeping. Those of you visiting Denver this week have had some very nice weather. If this continues, the 4th of July will be just perfect. Fireworks will be permitted due to the rain. It would have been a real disappointment to have the 4th of July and no fireworks.

SUNSET FOR YOU…The fun of it all!